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With experience working with families, children, adults, seniors, and even animals, Pavla has much to offer in the journey to find your balance.

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Pavla is Guided by the Divine source. Who came to pavla and began to use pavla to heal through her. She's a spiritual doctor, who can see and feel all levels of you. your total growth here on the planet Earth, who you are connected with, where you are going, what you are lacking on mental or emotional level, what signals is your soul sending to you through your physical body or circumstances of your life. 

"I want to help heal your physical bodies, your illnesses, your mental anguish. I want to help you through addictions of any kind. I want to give you peace of mind and clarity. I want to improve relationships and help you live in abundance. I am here for you"


Pavla Works to clear your energy from any blocks you may have in your light body, removing all the accumulated clusters of energy otherwise called blocks or old programs, that were preventing you to be present here and now in your everyday life. . She will guide you through different levels of your consciousness. She will help you to align your chakras and raise your Kundalini energy, bringing you back into balance and harmony and open doors of opportunity and potential.

"I’ll help you return to your origin, to your divine self, to the very beginning, where your soul/energy started to develop, to the paradise within yourself."


I am honored to be a service soul for this planet Earth and other realities. Thank you!

This “service Pavla” serves on several channels through vibrations of heart and together with Sacred Guidance energetically cleans COMPLETELY everything and everyone that doesn’t resonate with a vibration of love. Being Pavla came to this Planet Earth as “Pavla”  for The Only Highest Purpose: To guide humanity in their physical form to the “New Earth”, to the TOTAL vibration of light, back to COMPLETE CONSCIOUSNESS, to the VERY BEGINNING of BEING, to the origin of humanity,  to the origin of our energies.

There’sonly 2 years, 3 months and 23 days left from this day: 2/12/2016, to finish this transition.

Thank you, all of you who are READY. Connect with me RIGHT NOW!"

Today’s session, which we have done over the phone as usually was magical. Not only I felt a presence of my another guide and knew immediately, how he helps me ( by the way, he blows on my right hand :-) ), but Pavla guided me, where I connected with my body a I knew right away, what to eat and drink and in what amount. In the end I feel divine, royal,
sexy and blessed

”Dnesni “sezeni”, ktere opet probihalo po telefonu bylo kouzelne. Nejenom ze jsem citila, kdy mi prisel dalsi pruvodce a jakou ma funkci na me ceste ( ted mi mimochodem fouka na pravou ruku:-) ), ale Pavla me provazela cestou, kdy jsem se napojila na sve telo a presne jsem vedela, co mam ted jist, co pit a v jakem mnozstvi.
Na konci sezeni, kdy jsem uplne prijmula sve telo, se citim bozsky, kralovsky, sexy a pozehnane.
— Zuzana

About Pavla

Pavla was born in Czech Republic, where she founded a Center for Health. Already as a small girl, Pavla was able to heal people and perceive deeply people’s feelings and inner needs. Her unique psychic abilities are supported by her knowledge of various techniques from around the world: Tibetan and Chinese holistic medicine, aromatherapy, herbalist studies, reiki, krya yoga, kundalini yoga, Ho’oponopono, Drunvalo Melchizedek’s teachings, Dr. Sha’s Divine healing hands, group healing through dance and laughter and other techniques. Pavla opened her consciousness through studies and practice of these techniques in a way, that she is able to connect and see any person’s energy: their old patterns and soul agreements, but also soul gifts and spiritual purpose. She has been living and healing in USA for 5 years, mostly in Hawaii on Oahu, Maui and Kauai, but also in California, Colorado, Georgia and Idaho. She is also healing her clients remotely in European countries.