If you wish to get a distance healing from Pavla, you first purchase a membership of your choice here on the website. Pavla will contact you within a week to arrange the best time (times) for you to hold the sessions. If you need your session to be held sooner, text her on her cell (808) 225 4603 to arrange time to talk and set up a session.

1 session is one hour long

It starts with a phone or skype initial contact and consultation and continues without phone or skype only through energy connection. After the session, Pavla will call you back and gives you recommendation based on the session.


Monthly distant membership

  • Analysis of the state of health of the physical body, mind, soul and overall spiritualpath
  • Protection of your being: body, mind, soul, and your overall progress to “maintain” new vibration of Light. This protection includes client and his family.
  • Notification for client after treatment: diet recommendations; physical and mental exercise; SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL RECOMMENDATIONS for the client and his “individual development”, attitude to life, in relationships and at all levels of life


1 Session


2 Sessions


3 Sessions


One month membership =
8 sessions


Two months membership =
16 sessions


Three months membership =
24 session


Six months membership =
48 sessions


One year membership =
96 sessions