Divine Healing Dance

Divine Healing Dance is a compilation of completely unique, timeless, verbal and non-verbal healing techniques unlimited in their never-ending inspiration.

The Divine Healing Dance renews your health and sets a direction for your inspired new life: a life, in which you lead and act fully as the prime mover.

It is about you. Just as all your life, it is all about you. Divine Healing Dance opens you and releases your never ending abilities, an abundance of gifts and capabilities you already posses!

It is a healing, a new balm for your body, your mind and your soul. It is also a great joy and fun. Divine Healing Dance strengthens and enfolds new relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself.

It is a drill. It is like life itself. It heals all your scars, and it is alive and dancing. It cancels old systems of thought with which comes a new thrust of power and health into your body, mind, and soul. It is the new engine for your life, a new ground into which you plant your seeds of your life’s opportunity for change. It is a spiritual journey. It is a restart. It is a revival which unlocks a completely new life full of joy, love, strength and health. Divine Healing Dance cleanses your soul, body, and relationship and simultaneously cleanses and regenerates your wholesome state of mind, i.e. your life. The Divine Healing Dance will show you how you alone are your best, loving, pure and precious jewel, full of unlimited abilities and faith in yourself, and how you are the one and only God. It will open up your heart in its deepest levels of life/death. It will give you strength and faith in a completely new life, free of bounds, pain, fears, anxiety or illness. Life that is full of your personal freedom. Divine Healing Dance will strengthen your ability to live life as it is and simultaneously have all and even more. Live in the “here and now.” It will teach you to use unlimited and never ending inspiration of the current moment. Here and now. Nothing other than here and now exists. Divine Healing Dance opens up a sense of smell, beauty and sensuality in a current moment. It speaks through your heart to you and to others, alive or those passed, as it would speak to itself. It lights up and opens the fire in your heart. Come and taste this new “cup of pure cleansing tea” which is all about you, your here and now. Divine Healing Dance is guided and unguided healing through dance, specific frequencies, sound vibrations, touch, affirmations, exercise, and massages utilizing the blessed healing service of Pavla for the complete duration of the seminar and is organized for groups, pairs as well as in individual private lessons for either: – 2-3 hours – 7 hours including a healthy lunch – All day, including healthy breakfast and lunch – 3 and/or 5 day seminars, which include healthy nutritious food, individual and group healings, meditation, much more.

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