Jana Kohoutkova

Healer and Teacher of Divine Healing Chanel Sun For Your Soul.

Jana is one of the ENTITIES OF LIGHT supporting our PLANET EARTH through

Two years ago Jana decided to change her whole life and to dedicate it fully to DIVINE SERVICE. She asked Service Pavla, Pavla Stuchlikova the founder of Divine Healing Chanel Sun For Your Soul, for personal healing and guidance as an apprentice.

Jana took 100% responsibility for her life in her hands and she went through an intensive training to open her consciousness with the goal to become a competent healer and bring light to this Planet Earth. She fully surrendered to the SERVICE for HIGHEST INTENTION OF HUMANITY : to unite and return back to original consciousness, to highest purity and sacredness of us all. In August 2016 Jana received her certificate of a HEALER OF
DIVINE HEALING CHANEL SUN FOR YOUR SOUL and started her practice as a multidimensional healer.

You are welcomed to connect with her and let her help you on your personal journey to the Light. She is offering individual or distant healing sessions.



e-mail: jana.sunforyoursoul@gmail.com

cell: 1 (678) 984 0829