Magic Headphones

Divine Healing Dance and the Whole Service Pavla goes through ongoing innovation, IMMENSE PROGRESS and all the time bringing more quality and enrichment for clients on all levels. Each workshop "DIVINE HEALING DANCE" including group or individual healing includes deep relaxations for children of all ages, adults and animals. Deep relaxations are accompanied by special 3-frequencies HEADPHONES, emitting relaxing colors and vibrations harmonizing chakras. With the help of these special headphones and through the healing powers of Service Pavla, these are some of the effects that you can experience in a session:

⭐ deep relaxation

⭐ activation of brain and heart activity

⭐ rejuvenation and complete cleanse of the whole body, mind and spirit

⭐ opening of new spaces of your soul memory

⭐ activation of 3rd eye

⭐ connection of HIGHER SELF with LOWER SELF

⭐ connection of left and right hemisfere

⭐ opening of new brain capacities: concentration, ability to learn and receive

⭐ return BACK to pure clean energy, to complete emptiness, to never ending INSPIRATION

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