Mary Jean Lawson


Mary has helped many people heal and clear physical, mental and emotional issues by integrating Sun For Your Soul divine guidance with her many years of spiritual training.  She sees things clearly on a multidimensional level and serves clients of all ages, from small to children to the elderly—connecting with her higher self to see their truth and to clear what no longer serves them, to bring in the white light of possibility, healing, to clean and refresh the soul, back to the seed of its origin.  For many clients this feels like a new beginning, a fresh start, a new perspective.  She incorporates healing at a cellular level and resets cellular memory.  Cells remember everything from the time of conception including trauma and stress in the body.  Mary specializes in releasing this trauma and stress; she calls upon many sacred art forms and modalities. She is located in Novi, Michigan--serving the Midwest and occasionally traveling across the country providing healing for all who are drawn to her.  Lastly, Mary helps clients place protection around their own sacred energy.  She approaches every client with compassion and a kind heart.

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