Miro Vavra


Mira je novodoby lecitel NEW WORLD EDUCATION - Sun For your Soul otevirajici informacni kanal universa. Je nove medium, sprostredkovatel nejhlubsich informaci universa. Lecitel ktery leci dlouhodobe rany, jizvy, dava silu, cisti historii - starou memory, ktera jiz nefunguje pro tento svet a lidi nepodporuje. Je plne podporujici skrze jeho pritomnost a medium, ktere prinasi a transformuje zkrze jeho telo, mysl a dusi. Zejmena slouzici pro zeny. Otevira jejich srdce, leci rany emocni, telesne i mentalni. Je to velmi uslechtily muz nove doby.


Miro is new era healer of NEW WORLD EDUCATION - Sun For Your Soul who is opening information channel of the universe. He is new medium, mediator of the deepest information of the universum. Healer who heals longterm wounds, scars, gives strenght, clears history - old memory, that doesn’t work for this world anymore and doesn’t support people. He is fully supportive through his presence and medium, that he brings and transforms through his body, mind and spirit. Specially servicing women. He opens their hearts, heals wounds emotional, physical and mental. He is very noble men of the new age

Miro's Graduation

Miro Healing

Student/ healer Sun For Your Soul on Mau’i