Individual Sessions

This is how I work with you in a healing session or a series of healing sessions:

I look into your consciousness and through vibration of your heart I connect to your higher self, to your soul. I am guided by inspiration from your higher self which tells me exactly what healing technique I should use and what area I should start with. I am clearing your path to your life purpose and to your soul’s gifts. I am dissolving your old patterns and programs that are no longer working for your highest good from your mental and emotional body. To clear your spiritual path and connect you with your higher purpose, I have to first focus on clearing these blocks from your mental and emotional body, that you have gathered in this lifetime. After this step I am able to connect you with your spirit. As soon as I contact you with your spirit you are able consciously follow the spiral of your spiritual path. You will start to create a pyramid of your life, which means that there’s a communication of the body, mind and soul at the same time. Now you could feel like your life should have perfect flow, but at this point your soul yearns for even deeper clearing and starts to bring up through your mind and your heart and consequently through your body even older patterns connected with your past lives. This is where I have to listen to your higher self and pace the healing process according to your individual needs. I need to listen in terms of timing. Not everything could be done in one session or even in the same week or month. Everybody needs different time to integrate the changes. This is also where you need to see your circumstances and your bodily symptoms and your reactions as a communication from your soul about what needs to be cleared. Every soul has a different memory database, which resonates with your spirit in the moment of action, that is whatever you are doing in the moment. It is an energy movement, when molecules are splitting into atoms and then into smaller particles. It is an experience that materializes energetic vacuum. And this energetic vacuum works as a molecule that is empty and is being filled up by this experience. I step in in this phase to dissolve these old energy clusters, clean the area, reconnect the area to your life spiral and cover it completely with light. Sometimes I have to also put protection in the place. It is a kind of "energetic surgery". 

Everybody is different in their readiness to change and let go of old and receive new, to remember what they are. That is why my healing is specific and different for every person.

Price for a session is individual. Each client is creating their own price after their session.

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