9 days of Darkness on Hawaiian Island of Maui

Welcome in space of desires and wishes coming true now and here.
“The light appears from the light, your pure and shiny light, the Light, that you find inside yourself, within the space of Universe.”
Come shine yourself and so to all of us.
You are a star, you are a force, you are a shine, you are healthy, you are a God, you are never-ending inspiration, you are born spring, growing flower, you are this beautiful world= You are everything what you want to be exactly now in this moment, “IT IS HAPPENING NOW AND HERE”.

The address of the site on Mau’i for the 9 days of darkness is given upon registration and deposit of 50% payment of $675 per person. Pay deposit by 8/8/2017 (space is limited) on PayPal Sun For Your Soul, or by credit card: credit card and name, card validity (3 numbers on back of your card), and ZIP code, by check and for participant in the U.S. the payment can be made directly to the account we give you.
The rest of the payment of $675 can be paid in person after your arrival on Maui or by 8/30/2017 one of the forms of payments mentioned above.
When paying a full fee of $1,350 per person (18 years and older) by 8/8/2017 we honor 15% discount on the total amount of $1,350.

You can secure your space for 9 days of Darkness on Mau’i – 09/01/2017-09/09/2017 by email or call us on one of the phone numbers bellow:

Email Zuzana: zuzka.sunforyoursoul@gmail.com or call: 678-933-7213
Email Jana: foreveramazed808@yahoo.com or call: 808-366-0555

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