Huge, generous and loving woman, soul, that at some point lost her “Light”, her own guidance, dreams and desires.

3 years ago she started regularly visit Service Pavla, along with her husband and children.

Her hard work of conversion of life, every word, action, feeling, relationships, work and overall perspective of her life, brought her here.

She has returned back. Back to God, the light, dreaming, loving, loving herself and her loved ones. She started to be happy, to live. To enjoy life to the fullest, focused and passionately.

Read her own poetry, her own book of Life.

Laugh and give again the purest Love, to share what is the most valuable, her Light. Help to all people, change their lives in very positive way and guide them “back” to their own Path. Path of dreaming, Love and real events on the Path “why we are here”.

Service Zuzana , healing for people, children, animals and the nature is
truly unique!

God`s gift! God`s work in the process!

She is the one of best students and healers of distance healing .

Her empathy, exceptional skills and “connection” to her Supreme Source of the Universe completely changes not only DNA in her clients, but also their subconscious choice, creation, their health, ability to love and to really enjoy life.

Thank you, God, thank you all for this woman.


I love her with all my heart and I bless her generous act, her Path.